What Happens To Your Relationship with parents after marriage?

What Happens To Your Relationship with parents after marriage? Getting married is a gift from God for everyone. One of the issues is changing your Relationship with parents after marriage. Even when I was getting married, I was scared of losing a healthy relationship with my parents. According to some men, marriage is the biggest blessing in their life.  You will be inaugurating a new life soon after getting married to your beloved partner. And it is a big step for your life, and you will face a lot of issues.

After marriage, your relationship with your parents typically evolves. It becomes a blend of independence love and support. While you may become more self-reliant and focused on your spouse and family, your bond with your parents usually deepens as you all navigate the different stages of life together.

And it is also a significant phase for the parents to see their son getting married and starting a new life. You must realize what happens to your relationship with your parents after marriage to keep a healthy relationship.

What Happens To Your Relationship with parents after marriage

If you are a newly married person, you have already started facing issues keeping the relationship healthy between you and your parents. It was also challenging for me to stay in a healthy relationship with me and my parents.

My parents were no longer my leading emotional support after marriage. After I got married, my spouse had to be the one who became my emotional supporter. For that reason, I had to be emotionally independent to make my partner my leading emotional supporter.

Your relationship with your parents gets a plot twist – a sequel with your spouse as co-lead. It deepens with shared memories and potentially grandparent roles, yet navigates new boundaries as your focus shifts towards building your own family unit. Think “rom-com meets family drama,” with the potential for heartwarming moments and hilarious hijinks, but also requiring clear communication and respect to avoid unnecessary plot twists. Remember, it’s your story to write, filled with love, laughter, and maybe a few tears, but ultimately a unique chapter unfolding with every visit, call, and shared meal.

My financial problems are no longer my parent’s problems after getting married. In fact, my parents used to be involved in my financial problems, but now, as I am married now, it relies on me. My spouse and I deal with every financial problem after marriage, and parents are no longer involved.

Besides, my priorities have changed after marriage. Now my spouse and my children come first, then my parents come when it’s about priorities. And these things can negatively affect the relationship between my parents and me. If you are someone who doesn’t know how you can keep a healthy relationship with parents after marriage, then keep reading this article.

5 ways to your relationship with parents after marriage

Both son and parents go through many changes after the marriage phase, and this can be a negative thing or a positive thing. 

1. Not Providing Emotional Support Anymore

Getting married is a significant life event that inevitably brings about changes in one’s priorities. Previously, your parents were likely your primary source of emotional support, and vice versa.

However, once you tie the knot, your spouse assumes this role as the main pillar of support in your life. Consequently, your parents may refrain from confiding in you to avoid burdening you with their own issues.

2. You begin to comprehend the concept of self-reliance.

When you move into a new home after getting married, you will no longer have the support of your parents to take care of certain responsibilities. These may include managing finances, keeping the house clean, overseeing domestic help, finding a balance between work and family time, staying connected with relatives, and organizing gifts for special occasions.

Getting married teaches you the importance of self-reliance, and this transformation should be embraced as a significant and positive development. It entails no longer depending on your parents and instead becoming self-sufficient both financially and emotionally.

3. Formation of Exclusion Zones

After getting married, no-go zones are often formed naturally. An instance of this is when financial matters become an area that you and your spouse manage without wanting any outside involvement.

As a result, it is necessary to establish boundaries with your parents regarding your personal finances.

4. It is natural for physical boundaries to exist.

Your parents are accustomed to seeing you frequently. However, once you get married, the time you spend with your spouse becomes more important. If your parents start showing up unannounced or staying for too long, it can create discomfort between you and your partner.

It is important to prioritize spending quality time alone together, as this can often be limited due to obligations with family members, work, personal interests, and other commitments. Adjusting to a situation where you are unable to constantly be in each other’s presence can be challenging for both you and your parents; however, it is completely normal and in due time, you will begin to appreciate the freedom and independence that comes with nurturing a strong bond with your partner.

5. Encounter one another on an equal footing

Now that you have achieved more stability in terms of both psychological and financial independence, it is a good opportunity for your parents to become acquainted with the ‘new’ version of yourself. A key aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents is to interact with each other on an equal footing. Once they witness your personal growth and self-sufficiency, the nature of your conversations may evolve.

As they now see you as an adult rather than their little girl, they may find it easier to open up about their own financial and emotional difficulties. This transition allows for a deeper connection between you and your parents, fostering a newfound level of maturity and openness in your relationship.

How Can a Girl keep a Healthy Relationship with parents after marriage

Things can change drastically after getting married, especially the relationship with your parents. Once you have grown up with your parents and now you are living somewhere else without them, which can negatively affect your mental health. You may sometimes miss your parents after marriage but cannot meet with them often. To retain a healthy relationship with parents after marriage, you have to maintain some tips.

Keep connected with your parents

It is so familiar for a newly married couple to get busy after getting married. And often you forget to call your parents over the mobile phone or lose connection with your parents.

But to maintain a good relationship with your parents, you have to phone them regularly. After getting married, I faced too much hassle dealing with other relatives and work related to marriage. And I often forgot to call my parents or check on them. I used to pass days without calling my parents, and it made them unhappy. My busy schedule couldn’t favor me to check on my parents, which affected my relationship with my parents.

And for newly married girls, it is advisable to keep in touch with your parents over the phone even if you have a busy schedule. It will make your parents feel wanted, and the relationship between you and your parents will be decisive.

Visit your parents often

How often should you visit your parent’s house after marriage? Well, the answer is whenever you get time, you should visit your parent’s home and keep in touch with them. At least 2-3 times a month, you need to see your parent’s house after marriage.

After getting married, it was hard for me to visit my parent’s home too often. Because I was getting busy with other things that were keeping my schedule occupied, for that reason, it was hard for me to stay in touch with my father and mother. If you are a newly married woman, it is crucial to visit your parent’s home after getting married. You should bring their favorite food or things they love with you whenever you see them. Make sure your parents can have you whenever they need you.

Parents regularly care for their children like when their children were doing education, Teacher’s tried to communicate with parents as a Teacher for solving child’s problems.

Once your parents see how independent you are and how you manage yourself, the changeover will show. And for that reason, meetings often with your parents after marriage is the only way to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents.

Seek wisdom from your parents

Seeking wisdom from your parents will not make you constrained. And there will be some phases in your life where you will stick while making decisions, and your parent’s insights will help you.

Just because you are a grown-up woman doesn’t mean your parents can not help you make life decisions. There is nothing wrong with seeking your parent’s wisdom after marriage since they have more experience of life than you. Also, if you go to your parents and seek insights from them, they will feel necessary in your life. Most parents think their daughter does not need them anymore because they have got married. To break this misconception, you have to prioritize your parents after marriage to rebuild the relationship.

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Should Your Parents Interfere in Your Marriage problems?

Parents’ interference after marriage is a considerable debate, and most people don’t know if they should involve them in their relationship problems or not.

If you want to know the straight answer to that question, then the answer is NO! No, your parents should not interfere in your marriage life. And it is crucial to know that if both spouses are of legal age, then no one has any right to interfere in their married life until they allow it.

Every parent wants the best for their children, and they may think interfering with their son’s marriage problems will take the trouble away. But in many cases, the situation gets worse if parents are involved in relationship problems. So it would help if you stayed your parents away from your marriage problem to avoid any negative consequences.

You will find a lot of relationships with parents after marriage quotes to understand your parents’ contribution to your marriage. One of them is “No One should Come You and Your Spouse. They should come alongside you but not between you.” That means your parents should not interfere with any marriage problem you’re facing with your spouse until you allow them. When

Sometimes you may not like your parent’s decision about your marriage life problems, and it can lead to an unhealthy relationship. I have never made my parents get involved in any of my relationship problems. And the parents must know the fact that they are not allowed to make any decisions about their daughter’s married life without her consent.


Who is more important, parents or spouse?

Both parents and spouses have a prominent role in your life. Your parents have given you the joy of life and empowered you with all the facilities that you need in your life. And your spouse is your soulmate who has to be with you in every situation in life. So the importance of spouse and your parents are equals in your life.

Why Do Parents Interfere with Relationships?

Every parent thinks they have the right to be involved in your relationship since they gave you birth. And sometimes, they believe involvement in their kids‘ relationship would fix all the problems. But things can go wrong if you interfere with your kid’s relationship without their consent.

What does a healthy relationship with parents look like?

If a child has a healthy relationship with their parents, they can articulate their feelings without any indecision. And parents do not judge their children in healthy parenthood. They must accept their child as who they are and try to solve their child’s problems with endorsement.

Can parents ruin a relationship?

Not every parent has good intentions for your relationship. You have to keep in mind who is pushing over the edge, even if it’s not intentional. Your parents have no chance to interfere in your relationship problems. Always make sure to trust your partner and hear both sides of the story.

What are the responsibilities of a girl after marriage?

A girl has to bear more responsibilities than a boy after marriage. A girl has to maintain a balance between work life and marriage life. She has to take care of her family, make budgets for the family, and keep connected with both in-laws and her family side. A girl has to go to work if she wants and then look after her family. 


A marriage can be a blessing for you and your parents if you maintain a healthy relationship with them. But most men are not aware of things that can happen to the relationship between you and your parents after marriage.

Not being comprehensive enough can negatively influence the relationship between you and your parents. I could make my relationship stronger between my parents and me after marriage by maintaining those rules written in the article.


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