Top 20 Common Fiverr English Skill Test questions with Answers in 2024

Fiverr U.S English Basic Skills Test Answers have been created and verified by native experts. You’ll give the Top 20 Common Fiverr English Skill Test Questions with Answers in 2024 before giving the final test. It may astonish you that we have achieved outstanding outcomes in authentic settings.

Fiverr allows sellers to validate their skills through skill tests to enhance the marketplace quality. By taking skill tests, sellers can boost buyer confidence in their skill set. Here, we have added the most common questions which has come in the Fiverr English Skill test so, give this exam and see your knowledge.


Top 20 Fiverr English Skill Test questions with answers

We have encountered numerous instances where professionals try to avoid the most vital section of their resumes, which is the Fiverr exam certifications. However, we encourage you to tackle this challenging aspect of your profile and outperform all other competitors. Now, take your example test and receive your score

Fiverr English Skill Test with answers

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We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

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Arguello never projected that her podcast would be _____ popular.

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The budget report for last year was very _____ researched.

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If Brandon surfaces his work by 5:00, he _____ us at the Rosewood Cafe.

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I’ve never seen conditions as detailed as _____.

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Out of all of us, Jose was the one _____ scored the highest on the exam.

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We typically start with the marketing phase, even if we are not ended _____ the development of the product.

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If Ms. Smith _____ for many years at an ad agency, she wouldn’t have so many clients as an independent contractor.

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The condition of the produce was unacceptable, so I demanded that they give me my money

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When she discovered the case didn’t belong to her, she tried to find out _____ it was.

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The factory floor manager started the generator _____ the power had gone out.

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Jordan Smith _____ all of the legal matters for RTG Plastics Inc.

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_____ someone sends me a text, I get back to them within 10 minutes.

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Many people have trouble _____ the entrance examination for IT courses at the Snell Institute.

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We are watching to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

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Signing freelancers is not _____ expensive as bringing in a new employee.

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If Sonia had sent the standby part for the copier, we _____ it yesterday.

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John wastes to try anything new because he’s at risk-_____.

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My Mother is waiting for _______ Sun Glass.

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Upon glancing at him, I observed that _______ was immersed in a book.

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What is the process for passing the Fiverr test?

To succeed, you must provide correct answers to 60%-80% of the questions. Your percentile is determined in real-time by comparing your performance with that of other test participants. The duration of the test completion is monitored.


How do I clear my Fiverr test?

Locate the specific test name you wish to delete under the “Skills” section. Hover over the particular skill name to reveal a small trash/garbage bin icon. Click on the icon to remove that skill from your profile.

To clear your Fiverr skill test, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Instructions Carefully: Before taking the test, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.
  2. Take Your Time: There is no time limit for the Fiverr skill test, so take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability.
  3. Answer All Questions: Ensure you answer all the questions in the test.
  4. Use Resources: If allowed, use external resources to find answers. You can search for specific questions or concepts online.
  5. Check Your Work: Review your answers before submitting them to ensure accuracy and quality.


Is my score visible to everyone?

As a seller, you can decide whether to display or conceal your score. If you opt to reveal your skill assessment outcomes, users will have access to different information such as your score, your percentile ranking, time spent on different topics, topic-specific results, and additional details.

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What are the details regarding the grade on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, grades are not directly assigned. Instead, your performance is evaluated based on several factors:

  1. Reviews and Ratings: Buyers leave reviews and ratings after completing orders. Positive feedback contributes to your overall reputation.
  2. Completion Rate: Maintain a high completion rate by delivering orders on time and avoiding cancellations.
  3. Response Time: Timely communication with buyers is crucial. Respond promptly to messages.
  4. Skill Tests: Taking and passing relevant skill tests can enhance your credibility.
  5. Portfolio: Showcase your work through a well-curated portfolio.

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