Types of Sentences Quiz with Answer | Top 20 Questions

Welcome to our “Types of Sentences Quiz with Answers”! This quiz will test your knowledge of different sentence types. Explore declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Each question helps you learn and understand better. Check your answers at the end to see how well you did. Let’s dive into the world of sentences!


Types of sentences quiz with Answer

We are including 20 effective sentence quizzes with answers that will help you grow your English sentence skills. So, let’s get started

Types of Sentences Quiz with Answer | Top 20 Questions

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How many types of Sentence?

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Mr. Mark went to the market

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The battery in the smoke alarm should be replaced annually.

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No way! I will not allow you to have a tattoo!

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This is the first time that I've had bad food at this Hotel.

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Stop, Remove your hands from me.

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Use at least seven hundred words in your Content.

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Immediately, rise out of bed.

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Mr. Ibrahim works on an IT farm.

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Please close the door immediately.

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Where is the College?

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"Sit down and be quiet!" What type of sentence is this?

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Yikes! I feel awful that you were in a car crash this morning!

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Which of these types of sentences often begins with the subject?

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May I have a Book?

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Most workers found better jobs after the factory closed

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Who was calling on the phone?

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A sentence that's used to give someone an order or a command is an _______ sentence.

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The function of a declarative sentence is to _______ someone about something.

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What does an exclamative sentence usually end with?

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How many types of Sentences and mention their name?

There are 4 types of sentences which are:

  1. Declarative Sentence (statement)
  2. Interrogative Sentence (question)
  3. Imperative Sentence (command)
  4. Exclamative Sentence (exclamation)

What is an imperative sentence with examples?

When you command your dog to sit, stay, leave it, or come, you are using imperative sentences. Below are a few instances of imperative sentences: Don’t forget to collect the dry cleaning today. Inform me whether I should travel to Hawaii or Alaska for my summer holiday.

What do you mean by an exclamatory sentence?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an exclamatory sentence is described as a sentence that includes an exclamation or strong emphasis. like: “I don’t want to go to the Hill!” and “You’re really funny!” are both examples of exclamatory sentences.

What do you mean by an interrogative sentence?

A sentence that asks a question and always concludes with a question mark is known as an interrogative sentence. In English sentences, the subject typically precedes the predicate. Like: “Who was calling on the phone?”

What is a declarative sentence with example?

A declarative sentence is typically a straightforward statement that conveys information about something or presents a fact, concluding with a full stop or period. Like: I enjoy fantasy books. and Most workers found better jobs after the factory closed.

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