Why Did You Decide to Become a Teacher? Let’s Get Details

Becoming a teacher in the US is always a good decision. But why would you choose this one? Yes, there might be some good reasons. Why did you decide to become a teacher? A teacher is a mentor and helps kids develop their education. So, they need to be very focused on the job and dedicated.

Those who want to be a teacher should have a love for two things, they should love kids and love to teach politely.

Deciding to become a teacher is a significant choice. Passion for education often drives this decision. The desire to make a positive impact on young minds is key. Many are inspired by their own teachers. The joy of helping students grow motivates them. Teachers also seek to foster a love of learning. They aim to create an inclusive and supportive classroom. Ultimately, teaching is a calling to shape future generations.

I wasn’t just born with an apple in my hand. My path to teaching was like a choose-your-own-adventure book:

  • Curiosity Craving: I loved learning, but even more, I loved the thrill of figuring things out myself. I wanted to help others ignite that spark, not just hand them answers.
  • Memory Mosaic: Some of my best teachers weren’t just instructors, they were mentors, cheerleaders, and even occasional life coaches. 
  • Impact Echo: Imagine throwing a pebble into a pond – that’s the impact I craved. To see my students grow, not just academically, but as individuals, and know my ripples reached far beyond the classroom walls.
  • Storytelling Symphony: Knowledge isn’t a textbook, it’s a living story. I wanted to be the conductor, orchestrating lessons into engaging narratives that would make hearts sing and minds dance.

So, we will try to find out why you would love to become a teacher in the US. There is a better scope of work here and you can develop your career here. So, we will find the reasons first.

Why did you decide to Become a Teacher in the US

Finding a job with any educational background is tough in the US, as the education system is not similar. The degree you have may not suit the local jobs in the US. So, when someone wants to shift to the US, they have to do odd jobs. But what happens to the job of a teacher? General teachers in public schools do not need too many higher degrees, but the US needs a lot of school teachers every year.

So, when you have a passion to become a teacher, you can try in the US. Look for potential openings and apply online to get the job. You will be a perfect fit to do this job and get a good salary and visa. So, we will discuss the benefits of this job also.

Benefits of a Teacher in the US

When want to be a teacher, you need to know the real facts about the job. Why did you decide to become a teacher, the best answer is here.  Firstly, this is a government job. Yes, you have heard it right. A teacher works in a school that is under the US government. It is not under the federal government, but the state government controls everything here. So, you will be working under government management.

In the US, teachers get a symphony of benefits that goes beyond the paycheck:

  • Impact Symphony: Witnessing young minds blossom under your guidance, shaping the future’s melody – a satisfaction that resonates for a lifetime.
  • Growth Concerto: Continuous learning is built-in, from professional development to student-driven discoveries. No two days are the same, boredom is banned.
  • Time Tango: Generous breaks (hello, summer!), flexible schedules, and the freedom to design your lessons let you waltz with work-life balance.
  • Community Chorus: From parent partnerships to student friendships, teachers sing in a vibrant chorus of connections that enrich their lives.
  • Job Security Jingle: Educators are always in demand, a steady rhythm you can count on in life’s ever-changing song.

As the schools are run under state government management, you will be a government employee. Here we will discuss the benefits you are going to enjoy when you are in the US.

General facilities

You will get a full-time job offer in the US, where you will get a J Visa for you and your family. Also, there are some good salary ranges from your school that will allow you to live in a comfortable situation. As a job teaching profession is cool and respectful. But, do you know, are teachers considered government employees in the United States? yes, they are government employees but, there are some of the institution’s considered non-government employees.

You will get all kinds of leave and vacations as per the government declaration. Also, you will be under international evaluation. The US teaching license will allow you to work in any state, too. Another exciting thing is, you will be allotted airfare for this job. Health insurance is an added benefit.

Salary Offering

As a teacher, you will get a handsome salary. It is comparatively better than other jobs and helps to maintain the family in the US. It is a matter of discussion, Why would you choose teaching as your profession? With a good salary, you can stay in the US, that is the main reason. So, what is the range? The yearly average teacher salary is around $55,000. But it is different in different states. So, you cannot assess at first.

Do some groundwork and find out how much your state is offering. As an example, states like Washington DC and New York offer around $80,000. Where in other states like Alaska and Texas the salary is around $40,000. But do not take the hassle, as whenever you are according to the local costing the salary will be less and the expenditure will be less too.

Salary Increases

There are various reasons to become a teacher. The most important reason to be a teacher is the salary provision. It is an average handsome salary. But it is not the ending, there is the good provision of salary increases.

Firstly, your salary will be increasing every year and you can enjoy that. Here, you will get the salary increasing facility up to your age of 55 years. So, it is a handsome offer from the government.

But this is not the least; there are other facilities to get a raise in your salary with another process. If you are pursuing your higher education you will be recognized and get a higher salary too. So, there is nothing to worry about at all and take the stress.

Other Benefits to become a teacher

When you tell me, I want to be a teacher because I love this job. Yes, there should be something in this job that attracts you. So, the above facilities are not enough for you. There are more facilities that will amaze you. Do you know, you will get 2 months of vacation each year! It is true.

You will be paid in two processes, firstly you will get a total salary per year in 10 months. So, you have to adjust to that, in the meantime, for two months you can work on other jobs. Similarly, you will get a salary for 12 months. There will be no salary cut. So, check all these benefits first to become a teacher.

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Some Important FAQ

How good is the job security?

It is a secure job and in case of switching to another school, you can do it easily. The job has a satisfactory result, here you can pass your careers for longer years.

How can you increase your salary as a teacher?

There are two ways. Firstly you will get a yearly raise, and if you achieve a higher degree then you will get an extra salary after evaluation. So, as a job, it is a good option.

Why is it helpful for your family?

It helps you to get a visa to shift to the USA and get a comfortable life. On the other hand, the salary is also good enough to maintain a family.

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Last few words

As we were discussing the issue, why did you decide to become a teacher? We have given the necessary reasons that will be enough for you to become a teacher and shift to the US properly.

We expect that this article will be helpful in your journey about why did you decide to become a teacher. Stay connected with us to get more updates.

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