An Educational Research on the American High School System

It is said that the quality of American education is much better than that of other countries. Hence, the United States ranked number one among the top ten countries in the 2021 Education Rankings. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the American high school system, which is an essential part of the American education system.

Educational research on the American high school system often explores diverse topics, including student achievement, curriculum effectiveness, teacher quality, and the impact of various educational reforms. Researchers seek insights to enhance teaching and learning and address issues like achievement gaps and educational equity.

The findings from such research play a crucial role in shaping the future of American high schools and the overall education system.

So, many students are ambitious to study abroad, especially in America. The American education system is different from other Western and European countries. There is many Parents’ role in the Education of their Child in the United States.

What Is the American High School System

The United States has a total of 50 states. Everyone knows that the United States is an excellent country to work in because it has some of the best employment companies in the world.

In these circumstances, if anybody wants to settle in the United States, they need to think about educating their children. The American high school education system is top in the world ranking. The United States holds about 99percent of the literacy rate.

They highly focus on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Also, being educated by one of the world’s topmost education systems will make you stand significant. The American high school grades is different from other countries for its course curriculum and specified exam system. 

In American states, children generally start going to elementary school first. And it starts at the age of 5 or 6. After completing primary schooling then they begin high school. 

American high school Grades or ages start at the age of 13 to 14. Also, there is an extensive curriculum for grades 9th to 12th corresponding. There are differences in some districts. In some schools, they involve Grade 6 at the elementary school level. There are also subordinate high schools for Grade 7 and Grade 8.

The education system in the United States subsides into a diverse category. To help students learn new things promptly. The American education system delivers a prosperous career of opportunities for students worldwide. Their high school programs fascinate students. Let’s discuss their distinct sections and classes.

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School Years and Grades In The American High School education System

After completing eight years in primary school, a student enters high school. American high school grade level has grades 9 through 12. Generally, high school years last for four individual years. These years are comparable to university years by name. Following terms are used to mention American high school years  in the high school system,

● Freshman year (9th grade)

Sophomore (10th grade)

● Junior (11th grade)

Senior (12th grade)

1. Freshman

The first school year in the American high school system is called ninth grade, freshman year, or grade 9. 14–15 years old students get admitted in this grade. The first year of high school classes is to get everyone to the equivalent level. Because Not all elementary level schools teach the same content, as an example, some may tutor more science than others.

2. Sophomore

At the American high school level, a student in the 10th grade is a sophomore. 10th grade is the second year in the American high school system. Grades are used in determining a student’s GPA for further studies. Students become 15 or 16 years of age then. The sophomore year inaugurates richer topics like biology, geometry, etc.

3. Junior

A student in 11th grade is mentioned as a junior. Students are typically 16–17 years. They are mainly high school third-year students. Junior year students begin to alter their classes toward their post-high School. Those who are not planning to try college will carry ‘practical’ lessons.

4. Senior

Performed as the last year of the high school system. Senior students are often 17–18 years old. Senior year is often compared to graduation year. They formally graduate from high school and obtain credentials.

Curriculum for American High School Education System

High school education is a fundamental part of an education career. It sets goals for students to choose the career of their choice. Truly, American high school system subjects offer the opportunity to select core subjects also.

By the way, the American high school system (9th through 12th grade) has a curriculum that includes the following year-long courses:

● English course for four years. Which is a core subject? Compulsory English for grades 9 to 11 and English for grade 12 university preparations.

*Mathematics course for three years. Principles of mathematics compulsory, Functions, the foundation for college mathematics, Calculus, algebra, vector, trigonometry.

● Science subjects for three years including physics, chemistry, biology etc.

*Technical and business education course for four years

● Foreign language studies as a core subject for two years.History and social science for two years, including civics, U.S. American history, Canadian and world politics two years course for arts.

* One year computer science compulsory course

● And one or two years for other elective subjects

So there are many core subjects and elective subjects to choose from in the high school curriculum. American high school exam systems depend on what state you will be taking exams in. and the teachers that give them.

Suppose In New York, there are only standardized exams for a few different classes throughout the state called Regents exams. These exams usually consist of primarily multiple-choice questions. And with the addition of brief answer questions in the math exams and writings in the history and English exams.

American High School education VS the British education

However, those exams do not prevail if you go to New Jersey. But you have to take common core standards, which you can opt-out from in some cases. It counts where you are in the U.S. and what the school district is related to. But, there is a difference in exam programs between the American high school system vs the British.

High School requires a rich and vast capacity of choices for international students. The most fascinating characteristic of their system is its versatility. The tuition students in multiple academic disciplines instruct them to achieve prospective employment.

What Is High School Course Credit System

Credit is the recognition for having taken courses at high school. Generally, it depends on how many subjects American high school students take. These credits are used to measure enough hours that have been made for graduation.

High School Graduation course credits are:

  1. English- 4
  2. Math- 3 (Algebra, Geometry, Adv. Algebra’)
  3. Science- 3 (2 Lab Course)
  4. Social Studies- 3²
  5. Career & Technical Ed – 1
  6. Health- 0.5
  7. Physical Education- 1.5
  8. Arts- 2 (1 may be PPR³)
  9. World Languages- 2 (both can be a PPR³)
  10. General Electives- 6

In the American high school credit system, all courses remain the same number of hours. Students earn one credit per course which lasts all year or a half credit per course during a semester.

After a regular four-year run, every student requires 26 credits to graduate. When the ninth grade is a part of junior high school, the courses are only three years. In that case, students require 18 to 21 credits to graduate.

American High School Classes Time and Conditions 

– High school classes start in September and last for nine months till May or June. 

– Maximum schools in the U.S. use a two-semester system. If they start a semester from September to December, then another will be from January to May.

– Numerous schools pursue the quarter system. It maintains three sessions. A semester from September to December. And another is from January to March and the rest of March to May or June.

A student may have to repeat a class in rare cases due to elongated leave or inadequate interpretation. Actually, the U.S. high school days start at 8 am and end at 3 pm. Its 180 instructional days of the year exceptions abound. In fact, There are huge Pros and Cons of Education system but yet, we need to know about High School system in America. Because, Their education system is so beautiful with others.

In maximum parts of the United States, school attendance is from Monday to Friday, five days a week. In fact, Nine months an entire school day is 7-8 hours. School hours include a break for lunch but exclude extracurricular activities, particularly sports. 

In the American high school system, first-year students should sustain any health test before joining a limited school in the United States. Beginners need to have some health check-ups for some diseases. Like,

Polio.  DTP MMR 

 students need to be healthy before starting School. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the stages of high school in America?

There are four respective stages in the American high school systemAmerican high school grade level has grades 9 through 12. These stages are often called freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years at the high school level.

What are the school stages in America?

The U.S. The American education system is commonly split up into three levels of schools. The first stage is an elementary school (Grades K–5), then secondary school(Grades 6–8) and the last stage is high School (Grades 9–12). 

What is a special feature of American education?

A special feature of the U.S. higher education system is flexibility, which helps extend scholars’ choices from a variety of theoretical disciplines indeed to gain career coaching.

What is the senior high school system in the U.S.?

The senior high schools are frequently undergraduate or any education level. This high school assists students in planning their respective subjects in colleges or universities. Therefore, students can graduate after attending college or university.

Last Few Words 

The American government spends more on the education sector than any other country in the world, which defines the quality of their high school possibilities. At the same time, The American high school system is considered the superior educational system. 

Finally, their school programs and guidelines encourage students to study in the United States. The high academy system provides community sodalities to continue their undergraduate studies, which helps them advance their professional fitness for immediate employment.

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